Trionfi - Camerano Sotterranea - Grotte di Camerano - Underground City - Camerano Caves

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Most of the buildings are located on the left side of the Via Maratti, coming from the square, are of noble origin and belonged to rich families of Ancona who spend their summertime and their holidays in Camerano .
The former palace of the family Triumphs, one of the oldest and most prestigious dell'anconetano is recognizable by the heraldic motto engraved on the ornamental ashlar front door: "IN DOMINO CONFIDO - In God We Trust".
The cave complex, formerly known as caves Perugini and Gasparri, names the owners resulting from splits, it is significant from the point of view of architecture and the bas-relief decorations. Particularly interesting are the two circular spaces are clearly intended as a place of worship or meetings that have religious symbols carved on the walls along with ornamental friezes of various types.

Long corridors linking all the underground sites already known caves Perugini, Gasparri and Zolotti, forming a cave system with superior axis Mancinforte - Corraducci which combine with a passage from the cave Gasparri.

According to oral tradition in these areas met the unidentified "warrior monks". It 'possible that this aspect has been favored by the legendary Camerano since the Middle Ages a "hospital for pilgrims and a Hospitaller order, as evidenced by a church of St. John, which was demolished in the second half of the eighteenth century and property of' order of the Knights of Malta in the same district. Even some of the symbols in the two circular rooms, such as the cross or trefoil trifoliate and the eight-pointed star, are typical of the ancient orders of knighthood Hospitallers.

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