Corraducci - Camerano Sotterranea - Grotte di Camerano - Underground City - Camerano Caves

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In the final room of the cave Mancinforte are the remains of two bas-reliefs depicting religious reproduced in the drawings shown to the side in their original form.
They were lost during consolidation work carried out in the middle of the last century; were on the central pillar, on top of a small altar. The same location of the cave, in the past, had been taken over a date (1327) no longer visible because they lost the same occasion.
The caves Corraducci, one of the largest in the complex underground network cameranese depart from the basement of the palace of the same name.
The Corraducci were an ancient noble family in the country before 1400 and had compromised with the French Napoleon before and Freemasonry - Carboneria after the Restoration.
These circumstances have created in the past a number of legends and tales of mystery about these caves that penetrate the rock of SASSONE, going in depth with a number of environments ranging to reconnect with the cave Mancinforte. Of particular interest is the large circular room that the oral tradition indicates as a place of secret meetings.

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